HorizontalPlus AnytimeCollect

Get Paid Faster with AR Automation and Integrated Payment Processing

Work seamlessly within the business systems you already use to automate payments and collections for a more efficient receivables management process.

Anytime Collect connected by Lockstep reduces DSO; increases working capital; and creates massive efficiencies in your back office by automating customer communications, providing a customer payment portal, and empowering AR teams. 




Anytime Collect Integrated Payments

Payment processing through Anytime Collect connected by Lockstep is made simple with the free APS Payments gateway add-on. Designed from the ground up, the APS  add-on sends Level 3 data points automatically for the lowest possible rates with Visa & MasterCard on all Corporate Cards (B2B) and Government Cards (B2G).

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Anytime Collect Helps Keep Your Cash Flowing

Learn more about how Anytime Collect works and the benefits of using it for your accounts receivable and payment processing management.






Automates level III payments 
Tokenized credit card data simplifies PCI Compliance
No installation, maintenance, or setup fees
24/7 live support
Multi-currency capable
Daily, automatic batch reporting