Streamline Vendor Bill Payments

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APS Payments offers Vendor Payments Automation to reduce the costs of vendor bill payments by check. Easily approve invoices remotely, pay vendors, and reduce AP costs with automation.  

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Checks are inefficient, time-consuming, costly, and challenging. Our Vendor Payments offering is a free service that simplifies & optimizes vendor payments without changing current accounting practices. Reconcile payables immediately after approval rather than waiting weeks for vendors to cash checks.



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Easy to use with the systems you already work
with! Whether it’s a prebuilt integration to
your accounting system, a simple file feed
sent via SFTP, or you uploading a payment
file to our system, one single interface
enables all vendor payments.


Case Study

Performance Automotive saves $5k while streamlining vendor payments

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Mitigate Risk & Prevent Fraud

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