Payment Processing Features

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The APSPAYS Vault allows you to store customer payment credentials for future use. APSPAYS Vault is a 100% PCI-DSS compliant gateway with many reporting tools for reconciliation. Use our tokenized protection and data encryption to further enhance your security.

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If you have card-present transactions, you should ask if APS Payments can provide your business with a fully integrated EMV credit card terminal. This will eliminate the need for double entry, lower chargeback risk, and lower transaction fees. Prevent counterfeit chargebacks!


Level 3 Rates

Level 3 processing allows you to receive discounted rates on Visa and MasterCard B2B transactions. The average small to mid-sized business saves $18,000 per year by providing the comprehensive level 3 data requirements. APS Payments integration will automatically send the required data for you, to ensure quick payments at lower costs.



APS Payments is constantly developing new features and integrations that are compatible with multiple leading ERP, eCommerce, CRM, POS, and Mobile applications. APS ClickToPay is a secure way to have invoices paid by your customers with one easy click. If a prebuilt integration is not available for the business solutions you use, we have an API available to develop a custom integration.

ClickToPay Direct

Introducing the latest advance for Bank-to-Bank transfers in neatly packaged web check technology. Our exclusive ClickToPay Direct product reduces chargeback replies to 72 hours for B2B transactions while allowing your customers to easily make secure transfers.


ACH Payments

It's no secret that ACH processing is faster and safer than paper checks.  APS Payments offers ACH processing to merchants that also process credit cards payments through our APSPays Vault.  Available natively in multiple ERP integrations and via APS ClickToPay.  You can always depend on fast and reliable payments, low transaction fees and satisfied customers.  Next day funding is available upon approval of funding bank.  



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