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Integrated Magento Credit Card Processing

Work seamlessly within Magento to avoid manual entry and reduce error with an integrated payment processing solution.  Learn more by visiting the APS Payments Magento Marketplace listing.   



Magento Integrated Payments

Looking for an all-in-one Magento payments provider? Look no further.

Payment processing through Magento 2 made simple with the free APS Payments gateway extension. Designed from the ground up, the APS Magento Extension sends Level 3 data points automatically for the lowest possible rates with Visa & MasterCard on all Corporate Cards (B2B) and Government Cards (B2G).

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Level 3 is a Game Changer for B2B eCommerce Payments

Are you running business to business or business to government transactions? Our exclusive Magento Level 3 integration can lower your transaction costs and streamline your payments. Level 3 transactions have a lower interchange fee that can save you thousands of dollars per year! Watch the video on this page to learn more.

A powerful Magento 2 extension enabling APS Payments, Level III processing within Magento 2.






Magento 2 Payments Extension Overview

APS Payments offers integrated and flexible payments solutions for B2C & B2B Magento eCommerce. Work seamlessly within Magento to avoid manual entry and reduce error with an integrated payment processing solution.

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Automates level III payments lowering a merchant’s interchange costs.
Fully tokenized payment system, lowering a merchant’s PCI scope.
Enables APS Payments on checkout page
Enables APS Payments in the Magento 2 administration screens.
Multi-currency support.
Magento multi-store compatible.
Manage customer payment profiles from within Magento.
iFrame CSS support.
Custom API payloads for easy ERP integrations.

Magento Integrated Payments FAQ

Ready to dig into some more detail? The following FAQ's should answer many of your questions.

  • What is the APSPays Magento 2 Extension?
    The APSPays Magento 2 Extension enables level III payments through the APSPays Payment Gateway in all Magento 2 versions.

    Merchants who install this extension will have the ability to enable the APS Payment Gateway as a payment method. The newly added Payment method can be leveraged on the Magento’s front end checkout page as well as within the Magento 2 Customer Profile screen to accept administration level payments.
  • What is Level III Payments?
    A characteristic of the MasterCard and Visa credit card interchange structure for purchases using a corporate card or a purchasing card is that these transactions allow additional information to be appended to the transaction by the seller before the item works its way through the interchange system from the acquirer to the issuer.

    Level III processing provides detailed information about the transaction to be conveyed back to the buying organization via the issuing bank. The most significant reason for supplying this information, at least from the merchant perspective, is that the interchange fees borne by the merchant as part of the transaction, is significantly reduced.

    Level III transactions are “cheaper” for the merchant than Level I and Level II because of the lowered interchange rates they can yield. Merchants can better track and monitor purchases, which increases efficiency and reporting power.
    APS’ Magento2 extension automates the submitting of all level III datapoints to the card brands; allowing merchants to know they are getting the best possible rates, at all times.
  • Tokenization

    Merchant’s utilizing our APSPays Magento 2 extension enjoy the added benefit of our APSPays Customer Vault. By leveraging Customer Vault, merchant no longer must store full unobscured credit card PANs (Personal Account Numbers) on there servers, significantly lowering the merchant’s responsibility in case of a breach.

    APSPays returns to Magento an algorithmic expression of the credit card that can be utilized for future payments on the customer’s profile through either the administration panel or customer checkout pages.

  • Security
    The APSPays Magento 2 Extension leverages the latest in security techniques to protect cardholder data. There are two main areas that cardholder data is at risk:
    •  Data at Rest: Data at rest is best described as inactive data such as text stored in a local database. Merchant’s using our fully tokenized plugin can rest easy as the token stored within Magento 2 database is merely a pseudonym and is worthless outside of the APSPays infrastructure.
      •  Stealing this information is worthless endeavor for criminals as they will be left with a string of text that can not be utilized to receive goods at other retail locations.
    •  Data in Transit: Data in transit is defined as information exchanging hands across public or untrusted networks such as the Internet. APS’ utilizes the PCI Counsel’s recommended cryptographic protocol know as Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS 1.2) to encrypt data as it travels between the cardholder and the credit card processor.
    In addition, the APSPays Magento 2 Extension utilizes our Three-Step-Redirect API which leverages a cardholder’s web browsers JavaScript libraries to POST sensitive credit card data directly to APSPays without a merchant’s webserver handling or evaluating the credit card number. This significantly reduces the extension recipient PCI related responsibilities.
  • Magento 2 Configurables
    The recipient of the APSPays Magento2 Extension can configure our extension to their individual workflow requirements. The following settings are configurable:
    •  Always Generate a Vault ID: This setting allows a merchant to force visitor to save their credit card information as token for later use. This is often a requirement for clients who have frequent backorders or need to gain a new authorization due to shipping delays.
    •  Payment Type: The APSPays Magento 2 Extension enables the following Payment Type:
      •  Validate: Tokenizes the credit card for a future authorization request.
      •  Auth: An authorization request is submitted to the issuer to hold funds. The authorization can be captured later to account for shipping costs.
      •  Sale: Authorization and Capture funds as a standard “retail” sale and receive payment immediately. This is often used in a Business to Consumer environment where a merchant must know in advance that funding is secure.
    •  Auto-Create Invoices: A merchant can select whether to create an invoice within Magento 2. At times, a merchant’s workflow dictates that an ERP is responsible for invoice creation. Merchants can opt in or out of this as desired.
    •  Auto-Complete Invoices: Some merchant’s workflows dictate that an Magento invoice is created but not marked as “Paid” until an ERP has completed come action and updates Magento. This is an optional setting intended to make our plugin highly flexible for each merchant desired workflow.
    •  Multi-Currency: The merchant can opt-in or out of multi-currency capabilities. When a merchant has opted in, our plugin will send authorization requests to processor that matches the Magento 2 Store Currency Configuration. Merchant’s who opt out, can display to a cardholder prices in the cardholder’s currency but process the transaction in the merchant’s native currency.
    •  Look and Feel: The plugin allows for customized CSS to be submitted during the plugin configuration. This allows a merchant to adjust the look and feel of the rendered payment form.