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Integrated Miva eCommerce Credit Card Processing

Work seamlessly within Miva to avoid manual entry and reduce error with an eCommerce integrated payment processing solution.

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Miva Integrated Payments

Our Miva-ready hosted form via iFrame is perfect for developers, partners, and merchants to adopt as a part of their payment processing solution. The APS Payments solution was designed to seamlessly integrate with the Miva payments page to sit on our servers and process level 3 data at significantly lower rates.

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Omni-Channel eCommerce B2B Payments

Learn how using one merchant service provider for your omni-channel integrated payment needs can help save you time and money. 

Work seamlessly within Miva eCommerce to avoid manual entry and reduce error with an integrated payment processing solution.  Learn more by visiting the APS Payments Miva Marketplace listing.






Level 3 is a Game Changer for B2B Payments

Are you running business to business or business to government transactions? Our exclusive Miva Level 3 integration can lower your eCommerce transaction costs and streamline your payments. Level 3 transactions have a lower interchange fee that can save you thousands of dollars per year! Watch the video on this page to learn more.



Automates level III payments lowering a merchant’s interchange costs.
Fully tokenized payment system, lowering a merchant’s PCI scope.
Enables APS Payments on checkout page
Enables APS Payments in the Miva administration screens.
Multi-currency support.
Miva multi-store compatible.
Manage customer payment profiles from within Miva.
iFrame CSS support.
Custom API payloads for easy ERP integrations.