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Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about integrated credit card and integrated payment processing by watching these short videos from the experts at APS Payments.  Bookmark this page and come back often as we add more insights to educate you on the payment processing industry!



Payment Processing Insight You Can Trust

Payments Pricing Models Explained

Understand the difference between Flat Rate, Tiered Rate, and Interchange Plus pricing models and determine which one is best for your business! 


“Level 3 rates for B2B transactions are only available with an Interchange Plus Pricing model.”

Omni-Channel Processing Considerations 

Learn more about the considerations you should think about if you are taking payments in multiple ways, such as online, via the phone, in-person, or via mobile and how to ensure you are setup for success.  Learn how integrated payments and using one merchant service provider for your omni-channel needs can help save you time and money.  


What is B2B Level 3 Payment Processing 

If you are doing any B2B transactions, you definitely want to take advantage of Level 3 processing rates to save up to 43% on your fees.  Level 3 processing is available when you are on an Interchange Plus pricing model and easy to take advantage of when you use an integrated payment processing solution.  


“You can save up to 43% off your current rates with Level 3 processing.”


Who is APS Payments?

APS Payments offers flexible and integrated payment solutions for every business. APS Payments is a gateway and processor that is trusted by thousands of merchants daily to process payments and works diligently to get you the lowest credit card processing rates, reduce your risk, and provide the best solutions for your business.


Why Partner with APS Payments?

APS Payments wants to be an extension of your team and act as the payment processing expert for your clients. We have multiple partner types that can help you attract and retain more clients.  We look forward to partnering with you today for our integrated payment processing solutions!


Understanding Integrated and Global Payments

APS Payments processes in 22+ countries and offers integrated payment processing with leading ERP, eCommerce, POS, and mobile applications.  Learn more about how APS Payments helps streamline workflows and save merchants on fees with Level 3 processing.  


How Often to Evaluate your Payment Solutions

Learn more about how often you should be re-evaluating your payment processing solutions. Changes to regulations, interchange rates, and available technology in the marketplace can impact the effectiveness of your solutions, and new integrations can help save you time and money. 


What to look for in a Payment Processing Solutions Aside from Rates

Learn more about how you should be evaluating your payment processing solutions aside from just the rates you are being charged. APS Payments offers integrated and flexible payments solutions for every business.