Integrated xTuple Credit Card Processing

APS Payments offers the only fully integrated credit card processing solution for xTuple users.  This integration allows for users to seamlessly process transactions within the xTuple accounting software.  In addition, users will also be able to benefit from the lower fees of Level 3 processing. 





Level 3 is a Game Changer

Are you running business to business or business to government transactions? Our exclusive Adagio Level 3 integration can lower your transaction costs and streamline your payments. Level 3 transactions have a lower interchange fee that can save you thousands of dollars per year! Watch the video on this page to learn more.



Credit card numbers safely stored within APSPAYS Vault
Tokenized credit card data simplifies PCI Compliance
Level 3 available
Additional savings with American Express OptBlue Program
No module, installation, set-up, or maintenance fees
Secure 24/7 online transaction reporting